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Faith Dunamis, Oct 31, 12 4:08 AM.
Our New Website is: !  Please, head on over there and register.  We have forums there and an event calendar as well as character tabs and more!  This site will be closed in 1 week.  Also, if you have any posts in the forum that you'd like to transfer, please do so before this site is closed down.  The forums on the new site are identical, so you can just locate the proper thread and copy and paste the post right into it - lickety split!  See you all at our new home!
[Moon]'s Philosophy
Welcome to Serenity of the Night [Moon]'s Special Guild Operations Headquarters!

Welcome to the guild site for Serenity of the Night [Moon].  We are a unity of like minded individuals who form a friendly guild of Guild Wars 2 players.  [Moon] is a guild started by Falcon Arcana (Gigas Lionhart) and Faith Dunamis (Valynn Lionhart) in the original Guild Wars game over two years ago.  We are continuing [Moon]'s journey in Arena-Net's newest installment of the Guild Wars Universe. We are based on the Tarnished Coast server.

About [Moon]

[Moon] is lead by a Council who have equal responsibility to the guild and equal decision making power with the Guild Master and Guild Mistress sitting as Heads of Council.  Each Council member has a specific role in the guild as well as general leadership responsibilities.  Council members choose Officers who aid them in their specific role.  These officers do not have as much required of them as Council, but they do have some guild authority.

Gigas and Valynn have founded this guild on the premise of cooperation, compassion, and accommodation.  As a guild our focus is on light Role Playing (RP) and a strong emphasis on Player versus Environment (PvE) game play.  For those interested in Player versus Player (PvP) there is a council member whose role is to organize PvP events.  Above all [Moon] aims to be a fun friendly guild for all types of players from the most hard core to the most casual.  If you are interested in joining our guild, apply at the link above, and send a tell to any council or officer in game.

Role Playing

As an unusual band of heroes for hire, Serenity Moon is a special alliance comprised of members from the Vigil, The Order of Whispers, and the Priory.  This alliance of heroes is forged together by the belief that freedom, liberty, and peace are ideals that must be preserved in Tyria.  To do this they must fight against the  Elder Dragons, Zhaitan, dragon of the undead, Kralkatorrik, crystal dragon, Primordus, dragon of lava and fire, and Jormag, the ice dragon.  Serenity Moon will face many journeys.  They will be journeys of hope, self sacrifice, and hard ships beyond measure.  Nothing will turn them away from their mission, as they stand fast in their convictions to swiftly carry out a merciless end to the dragons and all the ill they stand for.  Beyond this Moon will come to the aid of all those in need of protection or defense! Orders can come to them from the leaders of the races of Tyria or any leader in the three orders. These heroes are a bastion of hope and the right hand of justice.  Serenity of the Night [Moon] is the beacon in the long black night cast by the shadow of the dragon's might.  They will be victorious!

Site Background is Guild Wars 2 Halloween concept art from 2012.  The picture above was found at

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